kuwait-bodybuildingKUWAIT: Mr Olympia bodybuilding and physique competition will start Friday at the Mangaf Hilton resort with 350 participants who will go through the weighing process today at the Oxygen Institute in Adailiya.

The preliminaries of the competition will take place in the morning, while the finals will be in the afternoon. The bodybuilding weights will be 75, 80, 85, 90 and 95 kg, besides the open weight, meanwhile in the physique category participating heights will start from 170, 174, 178, 182 besides the open height. Competitions will be supervised by foreign referees approved by the international federations, which gives great interest in the current Mr Olympia, specially that four professional cards will be granted to participants and it is a serious test for Kuwait’s ability to host professional World Championship which will be held next September.

President of the International Federation Raphael Sentega will be on hand besides the president of Arab and Federations Dr Adel Faheem. Meanwhile Rapporteur of Kuwait Body Building Committee Abdallah Al- Otaibi said Kuwait is ready to host the most important Mr Olympia contest due to the granting of four professional cards. He said that the Higher Organization Committee chaired by Deputy Chairman of Kuwait Bodybuilding Committee Bader Bodai exerts tremendous efforts to bring out the championship in a fitting fashion for Kuwait and show its ability to organize such events.

Kuwait National Team coach Ahmad Askar said the championship is a great opportunity to prepare the physique team which is formed for the first time and world champions will be available. Askar promised Kuwait fans to make good results that will qualify Kuwaitis to participate in the professional events.