KUWAIT: Zain Kuwait's Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan and the Undersecretary of Kuwait's Ministry of Information Muneera Al-Huwaidi during the announcement.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced a partnership with the Ministry of Information to develop KUWAIT TV, an all-new app that features the latest streaming technologies. Through this partnership, Zain takes Kuwait TV into the digital platforms era by offering live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) services for 9 TV channels and 11 radio channels.

The partnership was announced during a visit from Zain Kuwait's Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan to the office of the Undersecretary of Kuwait's Ministry of Information Muneera Al-Huwaidi, along with the presence of Zain's executive management and MOI's officials. The visit commemorated the official launch of the KUWAIT TV app on the occasion of the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Commenting on the partnership, Zain Kuwait's Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan said: "Today, we write a new success story between Zain and yet another government entity; the Ministry of Information. This step reflects our leadership in empowering digital transformation within the public sector under the umbrella of the New Kuwait 2035 vision. Zain was always one of the first national companies in the Kuwaiti private sector with a prominent role in implementing governmental digital transformation across different sectors during the past period".

Eaman Al-Roudhan and Muneera Al-Huwaidi with Zain and the Information Ministry teams.

Roudhan explained: "During the past few years, digital entertainment platforms and live streaming services grew rapidly, and quickly became the first choice for viewers given their ease and convenience. With the pandemic, lockdowns, and health measures that restricted visiting entertainment venues outside, dependence on digital platforms became almost essential for users around the world. For this reason, we saw the importance of taking on this project and fully transforming Kuwait TV and making it digitally accessible through the KUWAIT TV app and the ministry's official website".

Roudhan continued: "During the app's development phase, we were extremely keen on using the most advanced world-class streaming technologies, enabling users to live-stream 9 TV channels and listen live to 11 radio channels with a single tap and in ultra-high quality. In addition, the app features a Video on demand (VOD) service that allows them to choose and enjoy their favorite selected shows instantly from anywhere and at any time".

Roudhan further added: "With the official launch of the app for iOS devices and the ministry's website, along with the app for Android devices soon, viewers can now enjoy selected shows, programs, and the most-viewed titles during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We were keen on launching the app just in time for the Holy Month".

Roudhan concluded: "This partnership reflects our active role in offering the latest tech services and solutions for the biggest national institutions in both the public and private sectors. We aim at further progressing Kuwait's prosperity across all fields, especially that Zain is a part of the Kuwaiti private sector, which is a strategic partner and an essential pillar of the country's developmental plans".

Undersecretary of Kuwait's Ministry of Information Muneera Al-Huwaidi said: "The vital role of partnerships between national companies and government entities in implementing digital transformation contributes to business development and offering digital government services, including this project. This is a leap forward for Kuwait TV during its digital streaming journey by offering titles to viewers wherever they are and at any time. This will open new and broad horizons and more collaborations that are complementary to the fresh and strategic brand of Kuwait TV".

Users can now download the KUWAIT TV app from the App Store for iOS devices (and soon on the Play Store for Android devices). The app features 9 TV channels: Kuwait, KTV2, Al-Arabi, Ethraa, Al-Qurain, Stay Home, Sports, Sports 2, and Al-Majlis. The app also features 11 radio channels: Holy Quran, Kuwait FM, Public Program, OFM, Super Station, Al-Shsabiya, Program 2, EASY 92.5, and Retro Arabic Music.

Zain continuously offers the latest and most advanced services and solutions to showcase its capabilities as an active partner in empowering a smart life, a safe community, and an efficient business sector. The company considers itself a main partner in the achievement of the goals of the Kuwait National Development Plan (New Kuwait 2035).