KUWAIT: Zain has awarded the winners of its ‘Best Player’ award in the third section’s rounds of the Kuwait Premier League (Dawri Zain) in recognition of their outstanding performance on the pitch. The company dedicates the award to players who contribute to adding elegance to the league and ultimately elevating Kuwaiti football. The awardees are Al Naser’s Mohammed Daham (winner in three rounds), Kazima’s Hamad Al Harbi and Shibeeb Al Khaldi, Al Arabi’s Hussain Ashkanani, Al Salmiya’s Mubarak Al Feneni, and Al Kuwait’s Fahad Al Hajri.

The recognition took place at Zain’s HQ, attended by members of the technical committee, Kuwait Football Association officials, and Zain executives. Zain offers KD 50,000 of prizes for athletes and fans per season, which is the biggest prize pool ever to be distributed in the Kuwaiti League’s history. By dedicating cash prizes for athletes, the company seeks to encourage players to pursue excellence and elevate the league’s performance.

Zain’s cash prizes for athletes are as follows: Player of the Season Prize: KD 10,000, Player of the Round Prize: KD 500, Season’s Top Scorer Prize: KD 5,000, Season’s Best Goalkeeper Prize: KD 5,000, Season’s Best Coach KD 3,000, and Season’s Rising Star Prize: KD 2,000. A special committee has been formed in coordination with the Kuwait Football Association to outline the standards and criteria on which the winners are selected. The committee is membered by former Kuwaiti international players Saad Al Houti (as the committee’s head), Wael Sulaiman, Osama Hussain, and Mohammed Benyaan.

Zain is the Official Partner and Sponsor of the KFA’s competitions for the 2022-2026 seasons, including the Kuwaiti Premier League (Dawri Zain), the Zain First Division League, HH the Amir’s Cup, HH the Crown Prince’s Cup, and the KFA Cup (Zain Cup). Zain’s role centers around three main areas; supporting athletes with cash prizes, launching social events and interacting with fans at stadiums, and an all-new surprise: the first-ever Fantasy Football League in Kuwaiti football’s history. These contributions and more go in line with the KFA’s vision to further enrich the local football scene, given that it is the most beloved sports among Kuwaitis. 

Zain firmly believes that the private sector has a vital and active role in developing the local sports and youth sectors, and it makes this belief a reality by sponsoring and supporting some of the biggest sports programs in the nation. This partnership with Kuwait’s top football competition comes to strengthen the leadership role Zain plays in the local sports scene and is perfectly in line with the company’s sustainability and social responsibility strategy towards the sports and youth sectors.