KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, awarded DRIVEMART (universities) and Kabeh (high schools) teams with the "Most Innovative Product/Service" award at the 15th annual INJAZ Company Program Competition 2021. The event was hosted by INJAZ Kuwait with wide participation of students from across the nation's high schools and universities.

Since last year, the competition has been held in a fully virtual format in line with health guidelines and to ensure the safety of students. The judging panel, which consisted of businesspeople and executives from private sector companies (including Zain), reviewed student presentations via video conferencing and selected the winners based on a number of certified academic standards.

INJAZ's annual Company Program provides university and high school students in Kuwait with a great training opportunity to learn how to establish and run their own real companies. Corporate volunteers from across the Kuwaiti private sector guide students through the most essential business skills, like developing a business idea, conducting feasibility studies, selling stocks, working as management teams, devising business plans, producing and selling products/services, and much more.

Zain's annual participation in this competition comes in line with the company's strategic partnership as an Innovation Partner of INJAZ Kuwait, and in line with its Corporate Sustainability and Innovation strategy, which aims at contributing to the development of the youth and education sectors.

Zain continues its strategic partnership with INJAZ, through which the company seeks to support and inspire youth from across Kuwait's universities and schools. Through their partnership, Zain and INJAZ host a number of educational initiatives all year long to foster the energies of Kuwait's youth and support them to further develop and prosper.

INJAZ Kuwait was founded in 2005, as a non-profit, non-governmental organization, driven by Kuwait's private sector. Through strategic partnerships with Kuwait's business and education sectors, and with the help of qualified and dedicated volunteers, INJAZ delivers educational programs on entrepreneurial and leadership skills aimed at inspiring and educating future generations. INJAZ Kuwait is operated by INJAZ Al-Arab.

Since 2005, INJAZ-Kuwait reached over 70,000 students through over 6000 volunteers at over 200 schools and universities in Kuwait to provide students with knowledge and experience that will assist them in their personal and career development.