KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announces it has received six creativity awards at the Arab Media Forum's 8th Creativity Award - that recognizes creativity by Kuwaiti organizations - in three categories: TVC Creativity, PR Creativity, and Best Government App. The event organized virtually over video conferencing, was held under the patronage of Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit and witnessed the presence many creative personalities in media and advertising from across the region, as well as many actors, artists, and public personalities from the GCC and the wider MENA region.

During the virtual ceremony, Zain received a total of six awards, four of which came under the TV Commercial Creativity category for its most celebrated TVCs of the year: Ramadan TVC, National Celebrations TVC, Eid TVC, and its recent TVC on the heroic role of mothers during the pandemic. Zain also received an award in the Best Government App category for "Shlonik" app, which the company developed during the pandemic along with the Ministry of Health and the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT). Lastly, Zain's flagship operation in Kuwait received the PR Creativity award, which was presented to Zain Kuwait's Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer Waleed Al-Khashti.

Zain won a TVC Creativity Award for its television commercial (TVC) to mark the commencement of the Holy Month of Ramadan, which immediately amassed significant interest on social media platforms, with the 2.35 minute-long commercial being the most searched and viewed Arabic content across social media platforms at the time, exceeding 12 million views on YouTube within its first week, and almost 40 million views to date.

The concept behind Zain's Ramadan TVC, which is entitled 'Zain's Consolation', and has also become known as 'God will not forsake us', is based on offering a message of hope in the midst of the current exceptional circumstances brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. The shocking effects of the virus across the globe made the TVC's comforting words to resonate even more deeply with highly appreciative viewers. Words such as, "God will not forsake us" and "He'll make us richer than to need anything" within the accompanying soundtrack to the commercial offered an air of hope and optimism for people enduring hardships during this difficult time.

'Zain's Consolation' did face technical challenges when being produced. Major national lockdowns around the world made it difficult for crew members to communicate, travel, and film the footage. Crew members had to excuse themselves for the project, though the Zain team overcame these challenges to ensure the project was completed and the message of hope was shared.

The TVC's original idea was generated by Zain's team in Kuwait, while the videography crew members originated from Egypt. The TVC was produced by Joy Productions in Kuwait and directed by Samir Aboud from Lebanon. The lyrics were written by Heba Hamada, and the music was composed by Kuwait's Bashar Al Shatti, while the TVC's music arrangement was performed by Michel Fadel, the mix and master by Rabea Saydawi with vocals by Rama Rabbat. Zain also won a TVC Creativity Award for its National Day TVC, which reached over two million views during the first 10 days of its launch on the company's official YouTube channel in commemoration of Kuwait's national celebrations.

As it does every year in February, Zain the company produces a TVC celebrating Kuwait's National and Liberation days. The production, which reflected national values and pride, featured a number of Kuwait's most prominent personalities who helped raise the name of Kuwait in various areas, and showcased many of Kuwait's historical achievements from both the past and the present. Zain's national production was honored to feature many prominent Kuwaiti personalities who contributed to shaping the country's art, sport, and cultural scenes.

The TVC's idea centered around showcasing many of Kuwait's historical feats from both the past and present, such as holding the first parliament in the Arabian Peninsula, being the first Asian Arabian country to reach the World Cup finals, building the first café that gathered the people with their rulers to discuss political and economic issues, producing "Bas Ya Bahar", which is the first GCC film to receive 9 international awards, being the first GCC country to establish an official television station, and many more other honorable achievements.

Zain takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to everyone who contributed in making this national production a success, especially the TVC's stars: singer Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Kuwait National Football Team's star Jasem Yaqoub, media presenter Majed Al-Shatti, and actress Mariam Al-Saleh. Zain also thanks the entire team of young Kuwaiti talents who worked behind the scenes, including lyricist Yousef Al-Shatti, historian Fahad Al-Abduljalil, Director Salim Al-Turk, Composer Bashar Al-Shatti, Music Distributor Rabea Saydawi, Turkish musician Ismael Tonch Blak, Joy Production's team headed by Mai Al-Saleh, and PH All Over Group's team.

This recognition comes in light of Zain's distinguished advertising and media involvement, and further showcases the company's role as a leading private sector company launching distinguished marketing and advertising campaigns all year round. Zain will continue supporting this very important field which carries significant and informative messaging to the public at large and the communications world as a whole, whether through traditional or modern media tools.