During the fifth GCC GOV HR Awards 2017 held in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI: Zain Kuwait’s Human Resources Director Nawal Bourisli receives the award on behalf of the company.

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, received the 'Excellence in Talent Management' award across the GCC region during the GCC GOV HR Awards 2017 held for the fifth consecutive year in Abu Dhabi.

Zain Kuwait's Human Resources Director Nawal Bourisli received the award on behalf of the company during the 2017 awards ceremony held at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The event witnessed the presence and participation of many HR decision makers, leaders, and experts from across the GCC region's public and private sectors, who together participated in a number of discussion panels with various topics related to HR practices.

Zain received the award in recognition of its internal talent management strategy, which closely focuses on contributing to the development of local human resources and talents that are the key element to the further progress of the country. The company is committed to playing an active role in the investment in the national human element, and seeks to provide young and eager Kuwaitis with suitable job opportunities that allow them to apply their practical skills, achieve their potential, and fully develop their capabilities.

Nawal Bourisli participated in a discussion panel during the event, where she showcased Zain's talent management strategy and the company's approach to developing and deploying people's potential. Bourisli also discussed how HR managements should maintain a balance between employees and the company's leadership and management, and how the expectations of the employer might be different from what the employee delivers, which entitles the employer to motivate employees and ensure a conducive working environment for them.

The GOV HR Summit 2017 for the fifth consecutive year has been benchmarked as the region's key human resource event. It brought together brilliant minds and key stakeholders in Human Resources from across the GCC for highlighting best practices, unparalleled networking opportunities, to reinvent the role of HR and prepare organizations to respond to the high-priority business and human capital needs. Leaders across the region have hosted a national agenda with the primary objective of economic diversification and building sustainable knowledge based economy with human resources as its backbone.

Zain is keen on participating in developmental projects and initiatives as part of its Human Resources strategy, which closely focuses on supporting HR fields internally and externally hand in hand with various universities, colleges, and training institutions in and out of Kuwait.