Up to 35% of exclusive discounts for Zain customers

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Bildarb, a leading mobile application for table reservations and restaurant orders self-pickup. Through this partnership, Zain will offer its customers who use the app with exclusive discounts of up to 35 percent.

Zain's partnership with Bildarb comes under the umbrella of the company's strategy that closely focuses on enriching its digital partnerships with the aim of expanding the portfolio of innovative services and solutions - including mobile applications - offered to meet the needs and aspirations of Zain's customer base and business community, considered the largest in the Kuwaiti market.

Bildarb offers users a wide range of services that makes it easier to reserve tables and pickup orders from restaurants. These services include: reserving tables without having to wait in line or join waiting lists, enjoy being seated immediately, pre-ordering and paying through the app before arriving to the restaurant, splitting payments between multiple people, locations and directions to restaurants within the app without the need for external apps, inviting family and friends to meals, and more.

Bildarb also offers many features to Zain's business customers, especially restaurants and cafés owners, such as improving productivity, developing services, expanding customer bases, organize operations, assist staff in providing better and faster customer service, online payment solutions, reviewing statistics through the admin portal, and more.

Through its partnership with Bildarb, Zain offers its customers and employees with exclusive discounts on reservations and orders from the following restaurants: 35 percent from Bruce and Clark, 20 percent from Freshii, 5 percent from Prime and Toast, 5 percent from Wasabi, 5 percent from Pizzetta, 10 percent from Bonchon Chicken, 10 percent from The Kitchen, 10 percent from Chubby Balls, 10 percent from Humble Burgers, 10 percent from Proper Sliders, and 10 percent from Junkyard.

By signing such digital partnerships, Zain seeks to meet its customers' needs and aspirations through the offering of the latest innovative services and technologies. The company is always keen on offering the most advanced tools to enhance its customers' experience, and offer them an unmatchable telecommunications experience on its largest network in Kuwait.

Zain's strategy is centered around digital transformation leadership and empowering the community to enjoy a smarter portable lifestyle, as well as using advanced technology to enable an easier and more flexible life. The company places itself as an active partner in creating the future of smart life in Kuwait.