Special event showcased digital portfolio of solutions under Zain Life brand

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, held a special event at the Avenues mall to showcase the digital portfolio of services and solutions under its recently launched Zain Life brand. The flexible solutions showcased covered the areas of Smart Homes and Digital Entertainment.

Through its dedicated booth, Zain showcased to the public the digital portfolio of flexible services and solutions for Smart Homes via a number of security devices designed to revolutionize home security. The event also showcased digital entertainment solutions through the PlayStation VR device for virtual reality gaming.

The booth, which witnessed positive feedback from visiting crowds, was designed as a miniature living room equipped with Zain Life's smart home solutions. The booth included a children's corner with many fun activities held like face painting and drawing sessions, and was monitored by Zain's smart camera, where parents were able to monitor their children from the living room and live the smart home experience.

The Zain Life brand offers a smart home security kit, which provides a unique home safety experience through several surveillance solutions that monitor the home and notify the user as soon as any unusual activity inside the home is identified. These solutions include a smart camera, motion sensor, door/window sensors, and smart smoke detector, which all can be controlled and managed through a single smartphone app.

The smart camera notifies the user immediately once any motion is sensed or any sound is made inside the house, and the user will receive an instant notification on their smartphone via the integrated app wherever they are. The camera can record video in 720p, work in HD at night, and send/receive two-way audio. Users can also watch a live feed from the camera on their smartphone at any time and place.

Zain Life's smart home security kit also includes motions sensors, which can sense any motion inside the house once a person moves in front of the them, after which the user will be notified immediately on their smartphone. Customers can place the sensors at any location inside the home. The smart home security kit also includes separate door/window sensors, which can notify users once any doors or windows are opened or broken.

In addition to the smart camera and motion sensors, Zain Life's smart home solutions also features a smart smoke detector, which immediately detects smoke inside the house and triggers an alarm. The smart smoke detector is superior to traditional smoke detectors in that it immediately sends a notification to the user's smartphone once smoke is detected, which offers the user more time to respond to the incident.

At the booth's digital entertainment section, Zain showcased digital gaming via virtual reality applications provided by Sony's PlayStation VR. The company held gaming contests throughout 10 hours with winners announced every hour. An upside-down photo competition was also held with the hashtag #ZainLife and the winner was announced on Zain's social media channels.

The Smart Homes sector is one of the main elements of the digital transformation being undertaken by telecoms around the world, particularly with respect to securing homes and protecting them against theft with the use of modern technologies. Zain is working on designing new plans to match these transformation processes, starting with Zain Life.

The Zain Life brand also includes the all-new Zain Smart Branch, which is considered the first self-service machine of its kind introduced by a telecom in Kuwait. The branch offers customers new service options that were previously not available through a self-service machine, and works automatically through advanced technology without the need of the presence of an employee. Equipped with a smart interface, the Smart Branch recognizes a customer's identity through the advanced face recognition feature, where the branch scans the customers civil ID and matches their photo with their face on-the-spot.

Of the many new services offered by Zain's Smart Branch, the most notable is the SIM card replacement feature, which is the first service of its kind provided by a self-service machine. Customers can order a replacement for their lost or ineffective SIM cards and receive a new one immediately without the need of visiting a traditional branch. The Smart Branch also offers a variety of other services including recharging lines, bill payment, managing accounts, and buying devices from Zain's Online Store.