KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, took part in the graduation ceremony held to celebrate the students of 'Kuwait Codes', the recently-concluded educational coding program for high school students. The event was hosted by Kuwait University's College of Engineering and Petroleum and came as part of Zain's strategic partnership with CODED Academy, which launched the program's second season to empower the next generation of young Kuwaiti coders.

The event was attended by the Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Petroleum Prof. Ayed Salman, CODED Academy co-founder and CEO Ahmad Marafi, CODED Academy General Manager Omar Al Ibrahim, Zain Kuwait Media Relations Department Manager Alia Al Awadhi, as well as the students, their families, and representatives of the program's sponsors.

During the ceremony, Zain took part in recognizing the students who completed the program, which was launched in its second season earlier this year by CODED Academy in strategic partnership with Zain. The initiative is considered the first of its kind in Kuwait and is aimed at creating a technically advanced generation by offering the opportunity for high school students to learn and develop programming skills at four main streams: developing iPhone and Android apps, designing websites, and building video games.

'Kuwait Codes' targeted high school students of 14-17 years from across public and private schools in Kuwait. The free program continued for 6 weeks, where students learnt the most basic skills that empowered them to build their own projects.

As part of its strategic partnership with the program, Zain also recently hosted a student debate event at its main HQ with the participation of some of the best students from 'Kuwait Codes'. The students were split into teams, and they each presented various coding principals and approaches to the crowd. The teams were given enough time to research and prepare their debates to try and get the favor of the crowd against other teams.

Zain is proud to be one of the main strategic partners of CODED throughout the years, a partnership that has contributed to empowering hundreds of young programmers and developers into the local market. The company is keen on playing its part in empowering and creating the next generation of Kuwaiti programmers.

Many of Zain's corporate sustainability strategy initiatives center around youth and education development, and as digital skills are gaining accelerating importance in the future of education and the economy, the company has put the development of programming and digital competencies of the youth at the forefront of its priorities. Zain is keen on contributing to preparing the next generation of local talents with the skills required by modern markets.

Zain is also keen on playing a vital role as an integrated digital service provider in light of the rapid digital changes witnessed by the modern world. The company always seeks to reach new levels of excellence with its customers through offering the best innovative services, meeting their needs and aspirations, as well as supporting programs and initiatives that embrace tech innovation and aim at developing it.