KUWAIT: Zain invites Kuwait’s architects, designers, and anyone passionate about urban design to propose their ideas for designing a monument that reflects Kuwait’s rich culture, history, and identity. The company is set to cover all costs of building the monument at the heart of the nation’s capital.

The invitation comes as part of Zain’s partnership with Al-Asimah Governorate for the renovation project of one of the Capital’s main entrances, specifically the islet between Abdullah Al-Salem and Al-Shamiya areas. Last year, Zain (the national operator) was selected to renovate and maintain this entrance, a step that reflected the role of private sector companies in achieving social sustainability projects in partnership with the public sector.

As Zain strongly believes in the talents of the youth, the company has invited architects, designers, and anyone passionate about urban design to share their ideas through zainkuwaitcity.kw.zain.com to build a monument that reflects Kuwait’s rich history, culture, and heritage. Zain will select the winning design based on a number of quality standards, and will cover the expenses of building the project.

The project is the fruitful result of a joint collaboration between the public and private sectors and will contribute to renovating the capital’s entrance as a first step into beautifying all of the district’s areas. Zain will explore the final design of the monument that it will build in the location by inviting Kuwait’s creative minds to join and pitch their ideas. After selecting the most unique proposal, the company is set to build the monument and renovate the entire islet.

Zain’s support to this initiative comes in line with its core objectives that aim at shouldering the advancement of the community as a whole on all levels, where the company reaffirms the principal of partnership through similar efforts with the aim of contributing to the further progress of national goals and serve the country’s developmental efforts.


Terms and Conditions:

l Submissions must be made through zainkuwaitcity.kw.zain.com.

l The monument’s design must reflect Kuwait’s culture, history, and/or identity.

l The design’s size must not exceed 10x10m.

l Applicants must attach a sketch, photo, or video that clearly showcases all aspects of the design.

l Applicants may provide the design’s idea only, and Zain will take care of executing the project.

l In case the winning design’s owner wishes to execute the project themselves, they must complete the process within three weeks.

l Zain has the right to accept or refuse any submitted designs.

l Zain has the right to change any details within the selected design if needed.

l Zain will cover the expenses of executing the project based on the winning design, noting that there are no monetary rewards/compensation for the winning design’s owner.

l Submissions are open from 10-24 January 2022.