KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announces the launch of next-generation Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) technology, becoming the first telecom operator in Kuwait to offer this revolutionary technology in the Kuwaiti market.

This advanced tech solution is set to offer Zain customers with an unmatchable home broadband experience, guaranteeing an ultra-fast and stable Internet connection of up to 1 Gbps all around the house, especially large houses with multiple rooms, floors, and basements. FTTR allows customers to enjoy digital entertainment services at the highest possible quality with no interruptions. The service is provided by Huawei, the global telecom networks and technologies leader.

Commenting on the new launch, Zain Group and Zain Kuwait Chief Technical Officer Nawaf Al-Gharabally said: “Today we announce the launch of next-gen FTTR technology, after Zain’s network successfully passed all operational tests to assess its readiness and technical capabilities to operate this service at the highest quality. This is yet another technical feat that proves Zain’s leadership and capabilities in bringing the latest and most advanced technologies to the Kuwaiti market”.

Zain HQ building

Gharabally added: “This successful implementation in Kuwait comes in line with our strategic direction across Zain Group to offer this revolutionary technology in our other opcos, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. This is a clear reflection of Zain’s efforts in leading tech innovation across the Middle East region”.

Gharabally continued: “FTTR offers the needed foundation to empower smart homes and enrich a digital lifestyle, as it complements our existing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service and expands optical fibers to each room and floor in a house with a unique design and high-quality execution. FTTR supports Wi-Fi 6 and guarantees consistent speeds of up to 1 Gbps across the house, resulting in a seamless Internet experience in every room and floor”.

Gharabally noted: “Zain plays a leading role in pushing forward the digital transformation vision of the region, and we always seek to adopt technologies that contribute to building a powerful and sustainable feature in our markets. This is why we continue to explore and invest in home broadband technologies to achieve our customers’ aspirations. We are preparing to commercially launch the service soon after finalizing all the official regulatory requirements”.

This announcement reflects Zain’s efforts in presenting Kuwait’s biggest and most powerful 5G network. Back in June 2019, Zain was the first operator to offer 5G technology in the GCC region via the Kuwaiti market with nationwide coverage of all areas. The company succeeded in designing the first integrated network for 5G services built on a world-class infrastructure, ultimately transforming the telecom sector across the country and region.

In May 2022, Zain launched voice over 5G services, becoming the first telecom operator globally to commercially launch Vo5G with nationwide coverage in all of Kuwait’s areas and on the all-new Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup.