KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced changing its network's name to STAY HOME. The initiative comes in line with the directives of the Council of Ministers and the State's tremendous efforts in these exceptional circumstances to fight the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), reminding its valued customers to commit to staying at home as much as possible and contribute to ending this pandemic together.

This collaboration comes as part of Zain's commitment to reflect the Kuwaiti private sector's role in shouldering the public sector for the nation's wellbeing. The company also recently launched a social media campaign entitled 'This is Your Time' to send positive messages to the public about the importance of being a responsible citizen in this time of crisis, not listen to rumors nor spread them, take part in volunteer efforts, commit to staying at home, as well as abiding by the authorities directives.

Zain recently collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to offer its customers free calls to any of MOH's three hotlines; 24970967, 96049698, and 99048619 in order to enable them to inquire about any health or medical information related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) directly from the ministry's specialized team and ensure taking the correct information from the official and certified sources.

Zain also provided MOH with free bulk SMS messages to send medical and awareness content to the community during this period. In addition, the company sent a number of awareness messages in collaboration with the ministry's team through its official social media channels. Zain also broadcasted official MOH awareness videos on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in seven languages: Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Farsi, Filipino, Bengali, and Santhali. The company was also keen on hosting Family Medicine Specialist Dr Ahmad Abdulmalek in a live broadcast through its Instagram channel to receive questions from followers and present medical and precautionary advice related to the spread of the coronavirus.

Zain affirmed its utmost commitment in all the instructions and precautionary measures outlined by the Ministry of Health to contribute to fighting the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Zain supplied all its kiosks and self-service machines in all of Kuwait's areas with sanitizers, and the company's team continuously and periodically sanitizes all machines to ensure the safety of customers. Zain also notified all sales staff to wear medical gloves, stop the use of biometric devices, and more.

Zain also launched an internal awareness campaign for the safety of its employees, through which the company distributed precautionary items and sanitizers to all staff and sent periodic awareness content. The company also hosted Inaya Medical Center Manager Dr Samer Ashour in a LIVE broadcast on Instagram to receive questions from staff and present medical and precautionary advice related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Zain spares no efforts to achieve its comprehensive Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibly Strategy that closely focuses on supporting the public sector and shouldering public health initiatives. The company strongly believes that launching and supporting such initiatives helps infuse a sense of responsibility into members of the society, and help support those who are in need of help.

Zain is proud of its long list of programs and contributions that serve noble causes through strategically partnering with all entities, including non-profit organizations, governmental institutions, and global entities.