KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, concluded its main sponsorship of Shaheed Ramadan Challenge in partnership with Suffix Sports Management. The unique sports initiative aimed at encouraging people of all ages to take on a healthy and active lifestyle during Ramadan, continuing throughout the holy month at Al-Shaheed Park - first phase.

Zain's support to this unique initiative came in line with its corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy towards sports and health sectors. Zain regularly intensifies its efforts to encourage the community to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle throughout the year, and especially during the holy month of Ramadan. The company partners with public and private sector institutions in order to contribute to elevating the local health and sports scenes.

Zain recognized for supporting the initiative.

Shaheed Ramadan Challenge continued throughout Ramadan, offering the community a great opportunity to participate by speed-walking or running at Shaheed Park at their own time and pace. Participants signed up on the website and headed on to Shaheed Park to collect their smart chips from a specially installed machine at the park. The smart chip tracked and registered each participant's steps, distance, and progress, allowing everyone to compete and collect the biggest number of points.

Shaheed Ramadan Challenge also featured many unique sports activities and programs throughout the holy month, including a treasure hunt, intense exercises in collaboration with local fitness clubs, exercises for children, Zain girgian celebration, and much more. The initiative mainly aimed at shedding light on the importance of keeping fit and adopting a healthy and active lifestyle during fasting.

Zain is always keen on supporting the various sports programs and competitions with the aim of elevating the Kuwaiti sports scene. The company strongly believes in the vital role played by the private sector in progressing sports and youth initiatives, and it makes this belief a reality by shouldering similar events.