KUWAIT: A ministerial decision to name the heads of departments was issued by Health Minister Dr Khaled Al-Saeed, in an effort to incorporate young blood in all medical facilities in both the public and private sectors on a two-year contract. "The staff will consist of a majority of female employees, or 60 percent of the staff, with a turnover of 45 percent from the previous staff. The change is in line to bring in young national blood to the staff," the decision said.

"We aim to prepare a new generation that will ensure long term development, which will maintain the advanced levels that local and global medical institutions have reached," the ministry said. This is based on the importance of giving opportunities to young staff, who proved to be capable of being excellent professionals, in accordance to indications of their capabilities to follow the managerial styles that fit the plans and goals of the ministry and the levels it aspires to reach.

The ministry clarified that requirements for hiring focused on professional excellence and strict adherence to work, as well as their personal drive. This will put the ministry's plan to improve the quality of medical service as well as reach the best targeted results. The ministry expressed its appreciation to the previous heads of departments and their efforts to improve the medical service.