sri-lankan-maidKuwait: A Sri Lankan maid in Ali Sabah Al-Salem was killed by the son of her sponsor. He told police that his 28 year old son killed her then escaped. Police were looking for the suspect and he was arrested two hours after the crime. He is being questioned about his motives.

Illicit tablets gone nuts

Airport customs officers found 7000 illicit tablets with an Asian who attempted to smuggle them in nuts bags. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Bus-stop heart attack

A 58 year old Bangladeshi died of a heart attack while waiting for a bus in Fintas area. The body was recovered by the coroner.

Wanted women found

A citizen was arrested in the Sharq area for being wanted for KD 3564, and she was sent to concerned authorities. While a Saudi woman was also arrested on a KD 6500 case, and another Dominican woman was arrested on KD 5632.