ADEN: The Yemeni presidency on Monday praised Kuwait's generous support within the coalition to support legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and its steadfast support for the Yemeni people and their political leadership at various stages. This came in a statement by the Yemeni presidency to the Yemen News Agency (SABA), in conjunction with the head of the Presidential Leadership Council in Yemen, Dr Rashad Al-Alimi official three-day visit to Kuwait at the beginning of a foreign tour, which also includes Bahrain, Egypt and Qatar.

He praised the distinguished role of Kuwait in supporting and providing relief to the Yemeni people during the years of war ignited by the Houthi militias. The source added that the new presidential tour came within the framework of consultations with the GCC countries on common security challenges and developments in the Gulf, UN and international efforts to bring peace and stability to Yemen.

It pointed out that the tour of President Al-Alimi and his accompanying delegation will focus on meeting with the Political Affairs leaders of the countries to discuss priorities for the required support for the Yemeni economy and efforts to restore the state and establish peace and stability in Yemen. - KUNA