KUWAIT: Head of Tumors surgery at Kuwait Cancer Control Center Dr Medhat Oteifa said a specialized workshop about the most recent developments in head, neck and thyroid tumor surgery, as well as tongue, jaw, Partoid gland and mouth cancers, was organized under his supervision in the presence of two experts in advanced tumors surgeries in United Kingdom.

They gave several lectures and moderated several scientific sessions in addition to conducting several surgeries for patients who suffered from advanced tumors at the center. Dr Oteifa said the main goal of the workshop is to enhance the performance of Kuwaiti doctors, and enrich scientific discussions between visiting doctors and Kuwaiti counterparts through knowledge of the most recent developments in the most recent means of removing tumors in the thyroid gland in the neck, in addition to reducing the need to travel abroad.

He said the delicate and difficult operations included thyroid and other complicated cases adding that surgeries are the backbone of thyroid cancer treatment, especially that the success rate depends on the doctor's experience.