KUWAIT: The secretary general of the Supreme Council for planning and Development Dr Khalid Mahdi, stressed that the empowerment of women is a key pillar of the Kuwait Vision 2035 and the development plan for their involvement in the labor market in a way that achieves the fifth goal of sustainable development.

This was stated in a statement to the Kuwaiti news agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the symposium (women's economic empowerment) held by the Arab Planning Institute on Monday - titled "The reality and challenges of women's empowerment in accordance with the Kuwait Vision 2035". Dr Mahdi explained that the policies of the development plan emphasize the importance of women's empowerment, stressing the state's keenness to develop and empower women's capabilities to have a positive and important role in the public and private sectors.

KUWAIT: Participants attend a symposium held by the Arab Planning Institute on Monday. — KUNA photos

He added that women's empowerment is considered an intellectual luxury. It is urgently needed to make the social, economic and political impact. It enhances growth rates in all areas. Amal Al-Hamad, economic adviser for local and international affairs at the Arab Planning Institute, said in a similar statement that this seminar highlights what Kuwaiti women have been doing for years and reviews their achievements in all fields - political, economic and social development.

In turn, the chairman of the board of Directors of Abdullah Al-Salem University Dr Moudi Al-Hammoud, said in a similar statement, that women are an essential and important element in the economic construction of the state, indicating that the vision of 'Kuwait Vision 2035' takes care of the Kuwaiti citizen, whether man or woman.

Al-Hammoud added that empowering women and enhancing their role need legislation first and then government decisions - pointing out that she needs support. She stated that Kuwaiti women are distinguished by their education and excellence. The seminar discussed women and the challenges they face. - KUNA