KUWAIT: A number of female citizens filed a case at the constitutional court demanding equality with men as per the Kuwaiti constitution. Details about the complaints were not immediately available. Several laws in Kuwait differentiate between male and female citizens, most notably the citizenship law which allows men to pass their nationality down to their children, unlike Kuwaiti mothers, in addition to laws that regulate inheritance and divorce. Meanwhile, Article 153 of the Penal Code stipulates significantly reduced punishments for 'honor killing' convicts.

Court order

Lawyer Khaled Al-Kafifa said the administrative court ordered appointing a client of his, who is a ruling family, as director at the information ministry. Kafifa added that his client had been serving as acting director before someone less competent and from outside the department was appointed in her place.

Do dissolution

Municipal Council Chairman Muhalhel Al-Khaled denied social media reports about dissolving the council and calling for new elections. Khaled stressed that the council and some members still meet, even during the current recess. He also urged those behind such rumors to seek accurate information from official sources.

Inventors society

Chairperson of the Kuwait Society for Supporting Inventors Fatima Al-Thallab said the society had been proclaimed by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor's decision number 1/29/2016, which was published in the official gazette Al-Kuwait Al-Youm on Dec 18, 2016 with the aim of taking care of Kuwaiti inventors and developing their skills in order to achieve a prestigious status in various international scientific communities. Thallab stressed the need to take care of inventors, especially since Kuwaiti youth had already made many internationally-accredited inventions and won various international awards. "Membership will be open soon and a press conference will be held to announce the society's aims," she said, adding that interested members could contact her for further inquiries.

Cardiac operations

Sabah Al-Ahmed Cardiology Center announced preparing a well-studied plan for the medical services it provides patients. The center announced receiving elite Kuwaiti doctors after they got fellowships in three geriatric cardiology-related majors. Cardiac catheterization specialist Dr Nader Al-Assousi, fellow at McGill University, Canada, said that the center provides intervention cardiac catheterization with international standards and competence. Assousi added that the center's future plans include activating the one-day catheterization process, where patients are discharged one day after the procedure to be followed up at OPD, which is a standard measure followed in some countries with the aim of reducing the number of patients on waiting lists.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi