KUWAIT: A woman confessed to killing her daughter in a case reported nearly two years ago, a local daily reported yesterday. The confession came after detectives who have been investigating the girl's death case found evidence implicating the woman of beating her daughter to death. The Kuwaiti woman had reported to police on January 2, 2016 that her daughter fell unconscious in the bathroom of their house, and paramedics pronounced the girl dead on the scene. Detectives eventually launched a homicide investigation in the case based on the forensics' report which indicated that the victim had died due to injuries caused by repeated physical abuse. Detectives also gathered neighbors' testimonies, and they confronted the mother with all the information collected. Eventually, the woman admitted that the girl was still conscious when she first fell in the bathroom, but she dragged her outside and beat her up until she lost consciousness, at which point she made the emergency call. She also admitted that she used to regularly beat her daughter up because she was a 'troublemaker' and used to 'damage' furniture at the house 'all the time.' The woman was sent to public prosecution for further legal action, Al-Rai reported.

Father assaulted

Detectives are looking for a citizen who attacked his father with a knife, physically assaulted him and damaged his car in Qairawan. The middle-aged man immediately called police, but the suspect managed to escape before officers arrived to the scene.

KD 2,090 theft

Two people were robbed of KD 2,090 and passports that they had left in their car. The two men left for prayers and returned to find that one window was smashed, while passports and cash they had left inside were missing. The money belonged to the company they worked for and were entrusted with them to pay for flight reservations. A complaint was lodged at Nugra police station.

Farwaniya arrest

Two Syrians defended a Kuwaiti citizen and helped him avoid arrest by pulling a knife and threatening police who came to apprehend him. Farwaniya police stopped the suspects at a checkpoint in the area, and after checking their IDs, they discovered that one of them was wanted to serve a four-year jail sentence. All three were ultimately arrested following fierce resistance and charged accordingly.