KUWAIT: A female citizen recently called the police - reporting that her husband had beaten her up for coming late after going out with some female friends. She claimed that she locked herself up in a room to escape his assault. According to security sources, policemen rushed to the house and took her to the hospital for a medical report. However, the woman dropped all charges when her husband threatened to divorce her.

Reckless drivers arrested

Traffic police recently arrested three reckless drivers outside some schools in Sabah Al-Ahmed area after several citizens filed complaints about youngsters driving dangerously outside girls' schools to attract girls' attention. Security sources added that 28 tickets were issued; three vehicles were seized.

Asian briefly detained

An Asian was briefly detained after traffic police inquired about his vehicle's license plate number and found out that it was reported stolen three years ago, said security sources. The owner said he bought the vehicle 18 months ago in Salmiya. However, policemen later discovered that their colleague made a mistake. The car was previously declared stolen and was found later - and handed over back to the owner who then sold it the present owner.

Caught red-handed

A citizen in his 50s was caught red-handed while attempting to break open a vehicle parked in a yard in Ahmadi. Security sources said that the man is a drug addict who had been imprisoned for a year. The suspect confessed to stealing items from lots of vehicles and spending the money he made on drugs.

'Attempted suicide'

An Indonesian housemaid was recently rushed to hospital with serious injuries after she attempted to commit suicide by slashing her wrist veins at her sponsors' house in Ashbilya. According to the sponsor, the maid received a message from home and started crying. She then ran to the kitchen to cut her veins. - Al-Rai Al-Anbaa