KUWAIT: Can a smartphone really be a part of your wardrobe? Many have taken to curating every single aspect of their outfit. Especially with the advent of the tech era, what used to be a simple repertoire of clothing and accessories has now expanded to include gadgets. More are choosing to spruce up their outfits with headphones or even stylish smartwatches, sometimes even going to the extent of owning multiple styles of each device to fit the activity or outfit. The HUAWEI nova 10 Series were designed with this in mind; to stay in sync with the fashionable lifestyles and trending aesthetics of the young. Here’s how the HUAWEI nova 10 Series will blend right into different lifestyles and fashion habits.

The nova moniker is derived from the Latin word “novas”, signifying that every rising star is born to shine, akin to the passion of youth when chasing their dreams of a better future. Created on the foundation of innovative technology, every generation of the HUAWEI nova Series strives to represent the ideology of an innovative piece of technology that has an on-trend design, powerful cameras, excellent performance, and offers smart interaction experiences. With that ideology in mind comes the launch of the new HUAWEI nova 10 Series, taking the series into its 10th generation.

The Bold, Individualistic Social Butterfly

Often spotted out and about at social events, the Social Butterfly enjoys being in the midst of crowds. They love expressing their unique individuality and are sure to put on an outfit that starts conversations. To complete their bold and loud fashion choices, the HUAWEI nova 10 Series brings the Colour No. 10 might be the perfect match for the Social Butterfly: its glistening, metallic panels are eye-catching yet fit every outfit colour palette you could think of.


Combining the chic metallic silver colour with the golden Star Orbit Ring and Icon designs, the 3D curved display of the phone sparkles layer upon layer to showcase fascinating colour changes under different lights and shadows. The Star Orbit Icon design has adapted a double colour plating process into the Star Orbit Craft design, giving off a futuristic sheen to the phone for an outstanding, unique look.


Social butterflies are also fond of keeping up with the latest makeup tutorials and skincare trends and are the types to live and breathe aesthetics. They may also gravitate towards softer, daydreamy colours and pay attention to every detail of their appearance, even down to their hair and nails. To uplift their look, HUAWEI nova 10 in Provence might be the go-to choice for a smartphone.


Provence is a pastel purple colour that is inspired by the lavender fields of Provence, France. Like Starry Black and Colour No. 10 colourways, the HUAWEI nova 10 in Provence is double-coated to give off layers of subtle shimmers atop its pastel purple look. The shimmery purple colour of the Provence colourway complements outfits with gentle colours, like beige, peach, and violet colours) and could even complement trendy pastel-coloured nail styles. The Mint Green colour on HUAWEI nova 10 SE comes with the Starry Flash Craft and complements the Star Orbit Ring. The elegantly layered green with twinkling light showcases the boundless energy of youth.


The Geek-chic, Tech Influencer

Like many famed tech CEOs, tech influencers are known for their tendency to don minimalist clothing. Mostly enjoying efficient and practical lifestyles, they are often seen clad in monochrome or neutral-coloured outfits that prioritise luxury materials and comfort. Much like their fashion choices, they enjoy gadgets with sleek designs that have a luxurious edge to complement their outfit. That’s why the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro in Starry Black might be a good complementary gadget.

Inspired by a quiet full moon night of twinkling stars, the Starry Black is a timeless signature colourway. It features the HUAWEI nova Star Orbit Craft design for an elegant and futuristic space-age look. Meanwhile, the golden stardust shines underneath to add a subtle touch of luxury.


Travel Junkies

Travel junkies are often seen sporting comfortable, light clothing that still looks effortlessly stylish. Whether at the beach or enjoying a scenic mountainous view, they believe in looking good wherever they are and scorn bulky attires that might slow them down.


Travel Junkies will find the lightweight design of the HUAWEI nova 10 Series irresistible. The HUAWEI nova 10 has a thickness of 6.88mm and weighs 168g, while the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro comes with a thickness of 7.88mm and weighs 191g. On the other hand, the HUAWEI nova 10 SE with its 7.39mm thickness, fits in the palm like a hand in a glove. With such a lightweight smartphone, fashionable travellers concerned with looking their best when carrying smaller sling bags no longer need to fuss about bulky outfits cramping their style, especially for shopping trips or long nature walks during their vacations.

Whatever your fashion style is, the aesthetics of the HUAWEI nova 10 Series are versatile yet outstanding and can fit your wardrobe for whichever lifestyle and aesthetic you live by!