Students of the Park Slope Rock School perform on stage at La Bellevilloise concert hall. — AFP photos
Students of the Park Slope Rock School perform on stage at La Bellevilloise concert hall. — AFP photos

When mum and dad go back to rock school...

Sheikh Feras Al-Sabah opens activities of Al-Nuwair Market

KUWAIT: Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development and Minister for Women and Childhood Affairs Sheikh Feras Saud Al-Malik Al-Sabah affirmed full support to Kuwaiti farmers on Sunday, indicating that new ideas for marketing Kuwaiti products will be taken into consideration, in addition to finding points of sale to market their products in a way that ensures easy access to the consumer. The minister on Sunday opened Al-Nuwair Market which is dedicated to support the products of Kuwaiti farmers in cooperation with cooperative societies union.

Sheikh Feras Al-Sabah said in a press statement on the sidelines of the opening of the market at the Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society that the Kuwaiti product is of high quality, indicating that the products offered by farmers in the market inspire pride and honor. He added that the launch of the activities of the Al-Nuwair Market for the second year in a row confirms the remarkable success achieved by this exhibition.

The minister expressed pride in the Kuwaiti products on display by farmers and reminded them of the role of former social affairs minister Mai Al-Baghli in launching the first edition of the exhibition. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society Dr Mohammad Al-Ajmi stated in a similar statement that the exhibition will be held for two days in coordination with the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies, pointing out the keenness to provide booths and advertisements free of charge by the union.

The Al-Nuwair Market exhibition is being held for the second year in a row under the supervision and sponsorship of the ministry of social affairs, without an intermediary support or affiliation with any other party either from the private sector or from the public sector organizations. The exhibition aims to encourage local farmers and owners of local products and shed light on the quality of the local agricultural products and other products such as apiaries, dairy products, etc. One of the objectives of the exhibition is also to establish a direct relationship between producers and consumers that benefits both parties.—KUNA

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