Ramadan is a joyful time of year in the Muslim world as fasters gather at sundown to break their fast with family and friends. In Kuwait, there are many traditions and activities that take place every year. To commemorate Ramadan and the experiences of our readers, this year the Kuwait Times is asking readers what they love about Ramadan. What is your favorite food, activity, memory, event, or thing that you absolutely adore and look forward to each year? We want to know. Email local@kuwaittimes with your answer and it might end up in the newspaper.

For Rabab, an Egyptian who has lived in Kuwait for more than 10 years, her favorite thing about the holy month of Ramadan is family gatherings. "During Ramadan, all members of my family who live here in Kuwait gather every day for iftar. This makes me feel happy and not lonely or homesick. The second thing I like in Ramadan is ghabqas, as I meet my friends at these gatherings. I like the suhour gathering as well," she told Kuwait Times.

"I love the style of Ramadan tents and lanterns, in addition to the special decorations for the holy month at hotels, malls, restaurants and other places," she added. "I have lovely memories of Ramadan. Last year during Ramadan, I travelled for a few days to Egypt, and there I met new people who became close to me. This is a pleasant memory for me that will always remind me of Ramadan," concluded Rabab.

By Nawara Fattahova