KUWAIT: Four citizens beat up an Egyptian waiter in a Salmiya restaurant because of a reserved table, and did not stop beating him until customers interfered to save him. The four entered the restaurant and headed towards a table, so the waiter asked them to select another one as it was already taken. The four did not like what they heard and beat the waiter before they went and sat on another table. Police arrived to the scene before they finished their meal and took them to the police station for further action.

Eid 'celebration'

Jahra police inspected a car which was the source of loud music, and found three drunk citizens dancing. The three told police they were celebrating Eid. They were taken the police station and charged with consuming alcohol in public.

Harasser caught

A man attempted to have a female citizen commit vice crimes, then he insulted police in his attempt to escape from them. The female citizen was surprised by the man, also a citizen, flirting with her in a mall. When she ignored him, he started touching her which caught the attention of police who responded, so he insulted them and attempted to escape but failed. He was arrested and the woman lodged a complaint against him. - Translated from the Arabic press