KUWAIT: VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, and Huawei Kuwait, launched Huawei P10 and P10 Plus devices, during a ceremony at Radisson Blu Hotel. Commenting on this launch, Eng Slaman bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran, VIVA's CEO said: "We are proud of our concrete partnership with Huawei, and joint efforts between VIVA's team and Huawei's team led to announce about those significant devices. This achievement is yet a milestone in VIVA's track record."

"At Huawei, we're always inspired by people's lives and experiences. In today's fast-paced life, it's hard to always be in the moment; taking pictures helps us document and preserve our best moments and memories. It also helps us express ourselves creatively and tell our stories better. With the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus, our ambition is to offer people a compelling photography experience by putting the power of a photography studio in their pocket, together with standout features that redefine portrait photography", said Peter Wu, Director Of Consumer BG at Huawei Kuwait.

The new Huawei P10 and P10 Plus set a new benchmark in style and craftsmanship. Customers now can enjoy their many exciting features including the new Leica Dual Camera 2.0 Pro edition that produces stunning artistic portrait shots with 20x12 MP. In addition to 3D facial detection for stunning portraits, ultra-memory for higher speed, double download speed and accurate GPS with 4X4 MIMO LTE & Wi-Fi antenna.

As well as redefining portrait photography, the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus boast remarkable technology and design features by introducing the powerful Kirin 960 processor, an all-new EMUI 5.1, as well as a fingerprint sensor on the front. With 3,200 for the HUAWEI P10 and 3750 mAh battery for the HUAWEI P10 Plus, both smartphones support HUAWEI SuperCharge technology. The low voltage, low temperature fast charging solution comes with a super safe 5-gate protection mechanism, which offers real-time voltage, current and temperature monitoring to make charging not only fast but safe.

Postpaid customers are now eligible to own those two devices available in different colors, upon signing two years commitments with one of VIVA's postpaid packages: KD 15, KD 20 and KD 30, and enjoy local calls and internet.

9 reasons why you need to get your hands on the HUAWEI P10 Plus & experience amazing portrait photography: Whether you're a photography amateur, an enthusiast Instagrammer, blogger or just someone who loves to capture precious moments, you deserve the HUAWEI P10 Plus that gives you amazing portraits like no other! Check out 9 reasons why the HUAWEI P10 Plus is the ideal smartphone for your portraits!

1. Rear and front cameras co-engineered with Leica:

Not all smartphone cameras are created equal. The HUAWEI P10 Plus is the world's first smartphone with a rear Leica dual-camera Pro-Edition 2.0 and a Leica front camera co-engineered with the camera giant Leica. The Leica Dual-Camera Pro Edition 2.0 features a 12MP sensor and a 20MP monochrome with fusion algorithm that captures detailed facial features and improves image quality; it also carries a new high-class SUMMILUX-H Leica lenses and a 4-in-1 Hybrid Autofocus system with a larger F/1.8 aperture to capture more light in low-light situations.

2. Intelligent 3D facial detection:

The HUAWEI P10 Plus boasts an all-new intelligent facial recognition system that features over 190 detailed nodes and enables quicker, more accurate identification of facial features.

3. Hybrid Zoom 2x:

The HUAWEI P10 Plus offers an additional new feature that allows you to focus in on specific areas of an image while still keeping the sharpness of image quality. It improves the smoothness, clarify and simplicity of portrait photography.

4. Studio-like Portrait Enhancements:

The artistic imaging algorithm in the HUAWEI P10 Plus is based on the extensive research of various different face shapes and skin colors. By understanding the relative position of each facial feature and the uniqueness of skin type, the portrait enhancements can be applied in a customized and more natural way.

5. Dynamic Illumination:

The HUAWEI P10 Plus includes an auto-sensing algorithm that tracks environment lighting changes and automatically adjusts the shooting configuration, including the AWB, shutter speed, and more, to add artistic flair and glow to your portrait shots.

6. Front Camera Sensor:

The HUAWEI P10 Plus is equipped with an all-new front camera sensor that captures twice more light to improve picture quality in low-light conditions.

7. Natural Color and Monochrome Bokeh:

HUAWEI P10 Plus' Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 enables wide aperture photography to produce stunning artistic portraits with natural bokeh effect. Coupled with its depth-of-field algorithm, you can capture sharper, clearer edges and vivid color in every shot, while the background remains blurred or out-of-focus.

8. Highlights:

The HUAWEI P10 Plus includes Highlights, which create dynamic slideshows of your photos based on time, location, and shooting mode.

9. Embedded ISP:

Huawei's Kirin 960 with embedded ISP enables real-time viewing of depth-of-field changes and facial features.