KUWAIT: A security source said that two young men died after using a substance called 'chemical'. A family member discovered their bodies in the diwaniya after the Ramadan fast. They perceived a strange odor coming from the diwaniya, so they went to check and found the two dead bodies. According to the source, the packaging of the 'chemical' is linked to the case of another youth who died two days ago. The deceased died after taking the illicit drugs.

Wife swindled

A Kuwaiti woman has urged the authorities to place her Egyptian husband on a wanted list for swindling. She said the suspect took her money and escaped. The woman filed a complaint in Jabraiya police claiming that she gave him $75,000 and KD 10,000 for a business transaction, which later turn out to be a fraud. Police sources said that the suspect has left the country. In another development, an Egyptian man who claimed to be contractor has been arrested after he took KD 4000 from a citizen and disappeared.

Child Protection

Health Ministry Child Protection team has rescued a child who has been subjected to mental and physical torture by his father. The child has been handed over to the Juvenile police. A video clip documented the incident, which prompted the arrest of the father. A security source said that the Juveniles Protection Police had received a call about a 14-year-old boy who was being maltreated by his father. - Al Rai