KUWAIT: The criminal court on Sunday passed a number of sentences of imprisonment, fines and reclaiming millions of Kuwaiti dinars against the accused in the 'Interior Ministry hospitality case'. The total value of the sums to be reclaimed is KD 311 million, local dailies reported yesterday.

According to the list of verdicts Al-Qabas published yesterday, the court sentenced Brig Adel Al-Hashash and Ayman Al-Sayyed Salamah to 30 years imprisonment each, Waleed Al-Sane and Abdullah Al-Hammadi to 17 years in jail each, Abdullah Al-Meshari and Hamad Al-Tuwaijri to 15 years each and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalifa and two others to two years in jail or bail to suspend the verdicts' execution.

The court also sentenced Iqbal Al-Khalfan, Nouruddine Al-Katatni, Mohammad Tariq Al-Kazmi, Ghusoon Al-Khaled, Ali Munir, Abdullah Harouni, Mohammed Balloutt, Hassan Abbas and Radwan Mohammed to 10 years in jail each, while Ahmad Abdulaziz and Osama Saleh were each sentenced to seven years in prison. The court acquitted defendants Mohammed Ali, Salah Al-Uqbi, Mohammad Ali Al-Kazmi and Ahmad Al-Khaled.

The sentences also included reclaiming sums the accused had usurped from Interior Ministry hospitality expenses, fining them and confiscating sums used in money laundering operations and properties they bought using these sums.

In addition, Al-Rai reported that the court ordered dismissing Adel Al-Hashash, Iqbal Al-Khalfan, Waleed Al-Sane, Abdullah Al-Hammadi and Nouruddine Al-Katatni from public service as well as deporting expats Nouruddine Al-Katatni, Ahmed Abdul Aziz Mohammed, Ali Munir Haddad, Abdullah Ibrahim Harouni, Mohammed Kamal Balloutt, Osama Saleh Moula, Ayman Al-Sayyed Salamah, Hassan Abbas Ismail and Radwan Mohammed Yousef after doing their time.