KUWAIT: The United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat) on Saturday launched its "greening Kuwait" campaign for the fourth year in a row in coordination with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and the participation of several diplomatic missions. The campaign is aimed at planting 500 trees in Al-Abdaliya natural reserve.

Speaking to KUNA, Deputy Head of the UN-Habitat mission in the GCC and Kuwait Qusai Al-Duaij said that the choice of Al-Abdaliya natural reserve by the oil sector in Kuwait reflected its commitment to environmental causes and efforts to boost carbon neutrality. He noted that choosing February as the start of this annual campaign was to reflect the notions of patriotism and love of country during Kuwait's national occasions.

Battling desertification and combating climate change were also essential messages propagated by the campaign, he affirmed. On the planted trees, Al-Duaij stressed that they were native to the desert environment of Kuwait and would fit in perfectly, adding that some 45 diplomatic missions in Kuwait were taking partake. On his part, KOC's Public Relations and Information Group Manager Mohammad Al-Basri indicated that the company was exerting tremendous efforts in the Al-Abdaliya reserve, saying that a sustainable environment was an important aspect of the tree-planting efforts.

A group photo of campaign participants.

He said that the KOC gave priority to achieve Kuwait's sustainable development goals through cooperation with national entities and the UN-Habitat. Also delivering statement to KUNA was Zubaydullo Zubaydoza -Tajikistan Ambassador and dean of the diplomatic corps in Kuwait – who indicated that his embassy's involvement in the campaign reflected keen interest in protecting the environment in Kuwait and elsewhere.

The success of any campaign for the environment is success to the entire world and there is hope that this particular event would continue to thrive for the sake of a better future, he added. The Tajikistan embassy had imported several trees native to Tajikistan to be planted during the campaign. - AFP