KUWAIT: Al-Ujairi center director Yousef Al-Ujairi has announced that the center is working on launching a smart phone application in cooperation with a Swiss company to benefit from solar power in generating power for houses, farms and chalets as an alternative energy, so as to protect the environment.

Al-Ujairi told KUNA, "the application will help in providing service for citizens who are planning to transform and move to sustainable energy - especially since the geographical location of Kuwait is exceptional with regard to the angle of sun rays throughout the year. The data that the application will provide, will guide users to the best locations when placing the solar panels - and in the right direction."

"Moreover, it will also support maps and dust levels as well as specifying their locations throughout the year. Users will receive recommendations in preserving the mechanisms for generating power correctly," he clarified.

The Swiss company has studied Kuwait's geographical location as well as the amount of dust that it endures and the sun path. "The application will provide all these data with the location that the user specifies - which in turn, will provide them with the best locations and the best way to manage their solar project," he added.- KUNA