KUWAIT: Kuwait police has arrested two people for allegedly spreading online rumors that "undermine national unity," the interior ministry said on Tuesday. It did not clarify the nature of the rumors that the suspects had allegedly spread. The suspects, bedoon (stateless), were also posting content through fake social media accounts that defames and instigates bullying to personalities, the ministry said in a statement, adding that criminal surveillance led to their arrests. A trove of monitors, computers and portable hard drives were found in their possession, the ministry said, while legal action will be launched against them.

Child molester arrested

KUWAIT: A haris (building janitor) was sent to the prosecution charged with molesting an eight-year-old boy, Al-Anbaa Arabic daily reported yesterday. The child told his mother about the actions of the suspect. A security source said that a 36-year-old Egyptian woman told Salmiya police that her son told her about what happened, so the 30-year-old haris was arrested and sent to the public prosecution.

Drug dealer caught

KUWAIT: Police in Ahmadi arrested a drug dealer with illicit substances and drug paraphernalia. The suspect was sent to the Drugs Control General Department for further investigations, Al-Anbaa reported. The Kuwaiti man was stopped at a checkpoint, and when searched, 57 bags of shabu (meth) and 21 bags of chemical (another type of meth) were found. He confessed they were for distribution.

Murder threat

KUWAIT: A 35-year-old Kuwaiti woman told police her 37-year-old brother threatened to kill her and her mother and sister, Al-Anbaa reported. He attempted to storm their flat, but after failing to do so, the building haris told them the suspect vandalized her car. When the brother was told to come to the police station, he refused, so he was arrested and detained.