KUWAIT: The interior ministry arrested two bedoons for having fake accounts on social media which they used to troll people online. It said the two used a basement equipped with 50 monitors and other equipment to run bogus accounts to bully personalities, insult others and attack national unity.

Security sources said the two ran three fake accounts on social media. They said that electronic crimes detectives located the network in Qasr in Jahra and raided the basement of a house that contained monitors, computers, smartphones and international SIM cards.

The two suspects confessed to running more than 70 accounts on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The two used to denigrate a certain group in the society, stir up sectarian strife and insult notable Kuwaiti dignitaries. The two confessed to having support from some figures and receiving large amounts of money to defame many members of the society.

The equipment was sent to the criminal detectives to decode and check the messages and summon those who contacted them to question them, as investigations continue to find out their partners, motives and financers. - Al-Rai