KUWAIT: Two Kuwaitis with criminal records were arrested in Sabah Al-Salem after one of them waved a sword at a police detective and the other tried to strangled another officer while attempting to escape from a police patrol, said security sources. Case papers indicate that based on a report about spotting two individuals acting strangely, two detectives from Mubarak Al-Kabeer rushed to the scene, where one of the suspects waved a sword threatening to harm them.

However, the detectives managed to control and cuff the suspects. They put them in the patrol vehicle, but one of the suspects managed to cut loose and tried to strangle one of the detectives, so a backup force was dispatched to help control the suspects. A case was filed and the suspects are facing charges of assaulting and insulting security agents and resisting arrest.

Stabbing suspect identified
Detectives managed to identify and arrest a suspect who had appeared in video while stabbing someone during a fight in a parking lot, said security sources, noting that the victim had filed a case. The suspect was referred to relevant authorities pending further investigations.

Physical assault
A young man sustained serious injuries when he was assaulted in Kabd. He was rushed to Farwaniya Hospital in critical condition, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the victim's brother filed a complaint at Kabd police station accusing a Kuwaiti he knows of assaulting his brother. A case was filed and the suspect is being summoned for further investigations.

Kuwaiti's robber sentenced
A British court sentenced a woman born in Kuwait to eight months in prison for stealing the purse of a female Kuwaiti tourist including personal belongings worth £76,000 (around $100,000) two years ago. According to British media including the Sun and the Daily Mail, the theft happened in Sept 2018 during a train trip from London Paddington station to Cardiff Central station, where the Kuwaiti citizen met the woman - a mother of two children who has been living in Britain since she was six.

Case papers showed that the suspect approached the citizen and started chatting with her, during which she was focused on the shelf above her and the purse on it. She managed to distract the victim when she left the train at Cardiff Central and snatched the purse. The citizen only discovered the purse's disappearance when she reached her destination 65 km away. Following months of investigations after identifying and arresting the suspect, she confessed and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of eight months in jail because of her children. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai