KUWAIT: Photographs show TV folk band perform at Mubarakiya.

KUWAIT: The information ministry is organizing various activities during the Gulf Cup 23 in Mubarakiya, Murouj and other locations. On Sunday evening, a TV folk band performed at Mubarakiya for about two hours to entertain visitors.

KTV reporter Kafiya Al-Dhafiri said Kuwait TV, as part of the information ministry, has been holding various activities from the start of the Gulf Cup on Dec 22 and will continue till Jan 5. "We have a live studio here in Mubarakiya during the entire period to interview visitors on their opinions on the matches and reviewing the games, in addition to our media center at Sheraton Hotel," Dhafiri told Kuwait Times.

Souq Mubarakiya is a very popular destination for tourists. "Tonight's activity aims to encourage tourism in Kuwait. During the Gulf Cup, many visitors arrive from GCC countries, so the information ministry is holding entertainment activities, media events and various competitions. As Mubarakiya is a traditional Kuwaiti market, it's always visited by tourists," she added.

On Sunday there were no football matches, so the event was organized especially for the players. "Not all players came, as those who will play tomorrow are training. All local TV channels and radio stations are broadcasting the matches and entertainment activities," Dhafiri explained. "Also at Murouj, live activities are held daily and are open to the public. There are huge screens broadcasting the matches live, and on the days when there are no matches, various entertainment and musical activities are held including magic shows, performances by Kuwaiti musical bands and many others," she concluded.

By Nawara Fattahova