KUWAIT: Kuwaiti men, wearing protective masks, shop in Kuwait City on February 26, 2020. - Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: In the light of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, passengers leaving Kuwait via airports or land outlets have to undertake to comply with the safety rules set forth by the ministries of health and interior upon their return. The regulations include remaining in a 14-day quarantine if need be pursuant to Act 8 (1969) and cooperation with the competent authorities in order to curb the spread of the virus and protect the public health in Kuwait, the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Thursday. In case of failure to meet the obligations, travelers would be liable to legal measures stipulated in the above-mentioned law, the statement reminded.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday urged nationals who are currently abroad to return home. In light of a statement made earlier by Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh calling on citizens to abstain from travelling except for necessities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Kuwaiti nationals who are abroad to return to Kuwait.

The Foreign Ministry said the call was intended to spare them hazards of infection of coronavirus and relieve them of rapid and changing precautions for entry and departure for travelers, undertaken by states as precautions against the virus. Minister Saleh said in his statement earlier that calls for not traveling abroad came to ensure citizens safety and prevent them from being subjected to coronavirus countermeasures implemented by other nations.

Work proceeds normally
Meanwhile, work at the public sector is proceeding as regular and there is no need under current circumstances to stop it, official Kuwaiti government spokesperson Tareq Al-Mezrem said on Friday. The government is keen on safety of citizens and residents of the country and is following up on developments concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Al-Mezrem said in a statement.

The government has already taken some precautionary measures in this regard, such as closing schools and relieving civil servants of electronic punch in/out for work temporarily. Public sector employees who are not compelled to show up at work are those who have been instructed by the Ministry of Health to quarantine themselves at their houses, the spokesperson explained further. - KUNA