KUWAIT: An Egyptian man, facing a travel ban, was arrested while trying to leave the country with the help of a friend. He is now being questioned in several cases and interrogated regarding a large sum of money found on his person. The man was reported to be holding KD 45,000 when he was arrested. He claimed the money was his life savings, but could not explain why he had the money in several different currencies including Kuwaiti, Iraqi and Bahraini dinars, Emirati dirhams, Saudi riyals and Egyptian pounds. He said he paid his friend $2,900 to help him leave Kuwait. The man is facing several criminal complaints including ones for kidnapping and rape. The suspect and his friend will be sent to the prosecution.

Hit and run

A driver of a car with diplomatic license plates, ran over an Egyptian man, leaving him with a fractured ankle. The driver stopped, examined the victim and then drove off. The man, a carpenter, was crossing a street in Kheitan when he was hit. Passersby called police who arrived with paramedics. The license plate number was given to police who are working on identifying the driver who faces legal action.

Fight in café

An argument over a football match resulted in a fight between four Egyptians in a Nugra café, and one of them sustained injuries during the melee. The injured man got into an argument with three other men who then beat him up. The three escaped as police arrived while the injured man was taken to Mubarak Hospital. Detectives are looking for the suspects. - Translated from the Arabic press