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‘TooMooH’ Talent Development Program launches in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Officials cut the ribbon during the ceremony to announce launching the ‘TooMooh’ program.

KUWAIT: ‘TooMooH’ which translates as ‘Ambition’ is a comprehensive, four tier, national development program focusing on the career advancement of fresh graduates, executives and leaders was launched recently in Kuwait by Millennium Hotels and Resorts, MEA. The program aims to integrate GCC nationals into the booming hospitality sector and boost their presence in the job market. The internship development program was recently launched in Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE.

A press conference was held at Millennium Hotel and Convention Center to officially kick off the program in the country. Officials from Millennium Hotel and Convention Center, Copthorne Kuwait City, Al-Jahra Copthorne Hotel and Resort, Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA, government officials and the media attended the presentation.

As quoted by Ali Hamad Lakhraim Alzaabi, President of Millennium Hotel and Resorts MEA, “By launching TooMooH Development Program in Kuwait we have taken a progressive step to ensure the development journey of all the participants towards their career aspirations, area strengths and development are without limitations. This also demonstrates that we are committed to moving towards job creation and retaining national colleagues.”

Ahmed Serafi, General Manager, Millennium Hotel and Convention Center, said, “With the TooMooH program, we want to encourage Kuwaiti nationals to join the hospitality industry and contribute to the development of the tourism sector. Kuwait’s hospitality industry is geared towards massive growth within the next five years so we must attract Kuwaiti nationals into pursuing and developing a career within this sector.”

According to Alpen Capital’s latest report on GCC Hospitality Industry 2018, Kuwait’s hospitality market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1 percent (2017-2022) to $0.4 billion by 2022. International tourist visits are expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 4.4 percent to 0.5 million whereas the hotel supply is expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 4.4 percent to approximately 10,112 hotel rooms.

Kuwait aims to attract 440,000 visitors by 2024 along with earmarking $1 billion to promote the country during that period. The Government is actively diversifying from the oil-based economy and making substantial investments in the hospitality and tourism sector to boost its economy. A number of projects are expected to share the multi-billion dollar development budget such as the expansion of Kuwait International Airport which is expected to reach a handling capacity of 25 million passengers annually by 2025 along with Madinat Al-Hareer (Silk City) and Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Islamic Center.

As part of the initiative, the hotels in Kuwait will partner with the Labour Office and the Ministry of Commerce to spread the message about the program. All trainees will receive comprehensive hands-on training in different aspects of the hospitality business so that they can join the industry, build a career and take up leadership roles.

Commenting on the ‘TooMooh’ program, Hamed Elbata, Hotel Manager, Al-Jahra Copthorne Hotel and Resort, “We encourage Kuwaiti Nationals to join this program that will enhance their skills and knowledge of the industry, so they can contribute to the economy of their country.” “The TooMooh initiative reflects the vision of Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA to have an active role in the inclusion and development of GCC nationals in the region’s flourishing hospitality industry.

With proper training, grooming and mentoring of local talents, we could change the landscape and help create more jobs for Kuwaiti nationals and help them become leaders of the tourism industry,” said Alaa Salim, General Manager, Copthorne Kuwait City. At Millennium Hotels and Resorts, MEA, we welcome all our national colleagues to be a part of this program and work towards their professional career progression.

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