KUWAIT: The Ministry of Higher Education is currently sending students on scholarships to ten countries, Australia, France, the UK, the US, Ireland, the UAE, Malta, Canada, Bahrain and New Zealand, assistant undersecretary for scholarships and cultural relations Fatima Al-Sannan said. “The ministry is considering adding more countries as scholarship destinations,” she said, noting that it was difficult to predict the total number of students to be accepted in the scholarships program this year because the ministry only has a limited budget of KD 28 million.

Meanwhile, MP Khalil Abul warned the government of the consequences on what he described as plans to reduce the number of scholarships. Abul stressed that announcing the minimum grades needed to be accepted in the scholarship program proves that the government was still unaware of the significance of human resources. “The government is willing to pay millions on marginal projects yet it reduces the number of scholarships,” he underlined.

By A Saleh