KUWAIT: Three young men were arrested for driving recklessly and insulting police officers. Two police officers were patrolling Bayan area at dawn and saw the three behaving recklessly, so they stopped the men. While charges of suspected drunkenness were being prepared, the three verbally insulted the patrol men and threatened to hurt them. All three were detained for further legal action, and their car impounded.

Man caught at airport

Capital detectives arrested an Egyptian before he was able to leave Kuwait Airport after running over another Egyptian, while driving a heavy duty machine to pave streets, without having a license to drive it.

Man killed in car crash

A bedoon was killed and his three children injured during a two car collision on Fifth Ring Road near Ardhiya area. Fire men had to cut through metal to get the injured out.

Hit and run fatality

The body of an unknown person was recovered by the coroner after being run over by a citizen near Jahra hospital. Police will try to identify him through his finger prints.

Stone thrower sought

Jahra detectives are searching for a man who throws stones at expat cars to force them to stop, then he beat and robs them. A security source said a Pakistani told Naeem police that a man was throwing stones at his car so he stopped to see what was going on, then suspect beat him and took KD 655 before escaping. The source said an Indian came an hour later and told them a man threw stones at him, and gave descriptions of the suspect.

Jabriya attack

Six men beat a citizen in Jabriya, then damaged his car before escaping. The citizen told police that the six stopped him in Jabriya, pulled him out of the car beat him, then insulted him verbally, then used sticks, smashing his car before escaping.

Car theft gang

The theft of KD 400 from a citizen's car revealed three Asian drivers who are used to steal from the cars of their sponsor's neighbors.

Detective sentenced

The misdemeanors court sentenced a detective from Sulaibkhat to one month in jail for detaining a citizen without any legal reason. The victim's lawyer said the officer forced the citizen to sit in his car after tying his hands behind his back, then once at the police station he slapped the man across the face, and another detective put his feet up and beat him nearly 30 times.