CAIRO: Abdullah Al-Ali, Abdulaziz Al-Nasrallah and Nawaf Al-Qassar won six medals, three gold and three silver medals, for Kuwait in the equestrian event at the Special Olympics held in Egypt on Wednesday. Al-Ali clinched two gold medals, with his fellow riders Al-Nasrallah taking home a gold and a silver and Al-Qassar take two silver medals. Huda Al-Khaldi, Kuwati equestrian delegation and Al-Tamouh Sports Club for intellectual disabilities head, expressed her delight at the achievements, mentioning that the tournament was the first on the international stage for the young riders.

The riders had undergone an intensive 12-day training camp in Egypt under the Egyptian Special Olympics Equestrian technical director, Brig Gen Ahmed Mustafa, and Kuwait national team coach, Mohammad Mudayaf. The Kuwait team director said she was satisfied with the results of this participation, saying that the team consisted of a total seven people, including the three riders, their coach and three administrators.

For his part, Brig Gen Mustafa, said the riders received technical and psychological training during their time at the camp. Equestrianism is a "way of life," he said, and "adds positivity to people in various aspects, psychologically and otherwise, especially for people with determination, because it strengthens memory and balance, develops skill, and remains close to people in all stages of their lives." - KUNA