By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: The temperature in Kuwait will drop further over the weekend, according to meteorologist Adel Saadoun. Speaking to Kuwait Times yesterday, the head of Al-Fintas Observatory said the cold snap caused by a cold front could extend for more days depending on the weather affecting Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

“We are in the middle of the cold front now. A cold front forms when a mass of cold air pushes into a warmer airmass. A cold front can produce changes in the weather and could be unpredictable as well. The cold weather we are experiencing right now is from the cold front meeting warmer weather from the Gulf and cold weather from Siberia and areas of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq,” he said.

“This phenomenon is sometimes characterized by strong wind, hailstorms and colder, heavy rain, thunder and lightning,” Saadoun said. According to him, the temperature in desert areas can reach 2 degrees centigrade or even zero.

Today’s weather is expected to be cold and with scattered clouds. The maximum temperature is expected to be 14 degrees Celsius, and the minimum 4 degrees C. The weather forecast also predicts chances of frost forming over agriculture and desert areas, which will continue through the weekend. Temperatures are also expected to remain low, ranging between a maximum of 13 and minimum of 2 degrees Celsius.

Amid the frigid temperatures, some locals and residents like to spend time with their families in the desert. “I want to caution everyone against using coal for heating. The problem is when they are in the desert, they do not know the danger it poses to the environment and individuals’ wellbeing. If they light the charcoal and go to sleep, the carbon monoxide produced by the coal can kill them, so I advise campers to avoid using charcoal for heating,” Saadoun said. “Always wear comfortable jackets and head covers to protect your body,” he added.

Saadoun also told Kuwait Times that Ramadan will have pleasant weather, as it will fall in April. “Ramadan’s weather will be the finest. April is normally not too cold or hot, so I think we’ll have a wonderful month of Ramadan this year,” he said.