MP Abdullah Al-Maayouf
MP Abdullah Al-Maayouf

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Info ministry, Nazaha hold second workshop on media integrity

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), held a second workshop on Tuesday on “Media Integrity and Professionalism in Journalism”. Assistant Undersecretary for Media Services and New Media Sector Saad Nafel Al-Azmi said the ministry of information seeks to spread awareness about the dangers of corruption and discuss ways to prevent it, enhance transparency and integrity, address relevant challenges, and how to verify the credibility of sources with the massive flow of information.

Azmi revealed the ministry of information is also keen to hold and participate in initiatives, workshops and seminars organized by government and private institutions and civil society organizations, in addition to organizing training courses and workshops specialized in promoting values and raising awareness on this matter, as well as ensuring that local media verify information before publication.

“Corruption is an integrated system, and confronting it requires shared responsibility. Integrity is a basic condition for building trust between the media and its audience. The credibility of published information increases trust and reduces the spread of incorrect news, especially with the increasing unprecedented challenges of spreading rumors, fabricated pictures and falsehoods that violate privacy and personal data,” he pointed out.

Abrar Al-Hammad, Assistant Secretary-General for the Prevention Sector at Nazaha, explained the purpose of the workshop, emphasizing its goal of empowering society to actively participate in building a culture that values integrity and stands against corruption to contribute to the cultivation of ethical principles and a culture of integrity, ultimately working towards a society that is resilient against the damaging influence of corruption.

“In recent years, international and professional efforts discussed ways to combat and prevent corruption and preventive measures based on spreading awareness and changing behaviors. Here comes the role of the media and its importance in confronting and combating corruption. The media is the message that rejects the phenomenon of corruption and is the most important tool for exposing it,” she said.

“Our Kuwaiti press and media have a great impact in this field. The most prominent goals of the media in society are to achieve public interest and contribute to fostering responsible awareness. Today, we place great emphasis on the importance of awareness of the dangers of corruption and ways to become aware of it at all levels. Efforts to combat corruption are not limited to a specific party, but rather it is a participatory process in which each party carries out its role based on its ethical and professional responsibility,” Hammad stated.

The workshops delved into the realm of investigative journalism as a potent tool in the fight against corruption, shedding light on the challenges inherent in this pursuit. Participants explored the essential aspect of maintaining integrity in journalistic endeavors, emphasizing the significance of honest reporting and the impact of artificial intelligence on the integrity of journalistic work.

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