Improving Cyber Security in Kuwait

Wael El Kabbany

KUWAIT: Tawasul Telecom, the leading provider of MPLS networking services in the Middle East and the Gulf region, announced a new agreement with BT, one of the world's leading providers of communications services and solutions, to resell BT Security Threat Monitoring in Kuwait. Tawasul Telecom customers will be able to anticipate cyber threats, and protect their assets, customers and employees.

Cyber security awareness has grown due to the recent spread of high-profile cyber-attacks and data breaches. Companies of all sizes are continually under threat. Businesses are looking towards security solutions that will protect them from financial, legal and reputational damages, as well as meet regulatory guidelines. Cyber security helps cover costs like forensic investigations, crisis management, legal fees, and settlements.

Fajhan Almutairi, Tawasul Telecom CEO, commented and said: "Collaborating for the delivery of total solution IT infrastructure services is a winning strategy for Tawasul Telecom to gain market share and take advantage of opportunities within this emerging market. State-of-the-art products and managed services will keep Tawasul Telecom at the forefront of the telecom sector as well as increase our growth within Middle Eastern and African markets."

Sophisticated threat monitoring service

This new partnership between BT and Tawasul provides their customers with a highly sophisticated threat monitoring service that is tailored for each customer. The service enables early detection of threats, and allows companies to take immediate action to counteract the threat, as well as to put preventative measures in place to prevent future attacks from occurring. Damage control services are also offered in the eventuality of an attack.

Customers are offered a range of pre-defined intelligence reporting options, along with tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Tailored options include face-to-face workshops to identify at-risk assets, additional intelligence requirements, advice on how to efficiently position resources and new technologies to meet current and developing threats, and defining processes for how intelligence is used and how it is shared internally.

Almutairi also added: "This agreement with BT strengthens Tawasul Telecom's corporate strategy for steady growth by expansion because it is in line with our vision to further support the fast-growing sector. Teaming up with BT demonstrates that we can expand in vertical markets, add value to our brand all while serving the GCC telecom business community with flexible and high-quality MPLS network communications services."

BT Security Threat Monitoring is a fully managed security event monitoring service. The service works by re-directing customer device log files to a central BT repository. BT then analyses and filters the millions of messages from networked devices, separates the irrelevant from the suspicious or critical. Central to the service are the highly skilled and accredited analysts who alert the customer of any security issues before damage is done. BT security Threat Monitoring also helps ensure organizations have the processes in place to effectively comply with the increasing number of data privacy and protection regulations.

"In today's business environment, organizations have to stay connected to the rest of the world: customers, citizens, suppliers, partners and remote workers - exposing themselves to risks that come with always-on connectivity. As a global cloud services integrator, BT is in an ideal position to identify emerging and potential threats wherever they may come from. We can draw on a huge amount of intelligence from a variety of sources, both human and technical and draw conclusions on risk and threat to help organizations survive and thrive in this hyper-connected world" said Wael El Kabbany, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, BT.