Salem Al-Mulaifi

KUWAIT: Tawasul Telecom, the leading provider of MPLS networking services in the Gulf Middle East, sponsored the 9th Kuwait Info Security conference and exhibition that took place 10-11 May at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The event covered the entire spectrum of IT security, business continuity management and risk, all while fostering opportunities for regional and international IT professionals to network, share experiences in IT security and exchange ideas on emerging technology trends, applications and practices.

Commenting on this initiative, Salem AlMulaifi, Tawasul Telecom's Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer said that "participating in such an event allows Tawasul Telecom to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry. Our employees are our most important asset and we are committed to theirprofessional development. This was a great opportunity for them to share and learn from other professionals in the same industry."

Earlier this year, Tawasul Telecomunveiled its offerings of highly sophisticated tailored threat-monitoring service. The service allows businesses to detect threats, take immediate action to counteract these, and put preventative measures in place to prevent future attacks. Damage control services are also offered in the eventuality of an attack.

Customers benefit from a range of pre-defined intelligence reporting options, along with tailored solutions such as face-to-face workshops to identify at-risk assets, additional intelligence requirements, advice on how to efficiently position resources and new technologies to meet current and developing threats, and defining processes for how intelligence is used and how it is shared internally. "In today's challenging environment, organizations must stay connected at all times which exposes them to risks that come with 'always-on' connectivity. It is our mission in Tawasul Telecom to continue to help organizations survive and thrive by providing flexible and high-quality services" ended AlMulaifi.