fencingKUWAIT: Burgan Bank is proud to announce today that Tariq Al Qallaf, Kuwait’s Wheelchair Fencing Champion, won three gold medals along with the title of ‘Best Fencing Champion’ during his participation in the US Fencing Championship for the Disabled. Burgan Bank is pleased to have sponsored the champion in this competition as part of its social responsibility strategy and will continue helping local athletes reach greater heights.

Al Qallaf, Kuwait’s world champion wheelchair fencer, participated in more than 70 international tournaments during his tremendous 30 years long career, bagging 29 gold medals. His significant talent and impressive determination were key factors behind Burgan Bank’s sponsorship. Burgan bank seizes this delightful opportunity to renew its commitment towards improving the lifestyle of Kuwaiti talented youth by sponsoring their sportive path. The USA Fencing Championship took place from 9 - 12 October, 2015 and will continue at Louis, Missouri from 8 - 11 January, 2016.