KUWAIT: Taiba Hospital staff attend the press conference.

KUWAIT: Taiba Hospital revealed during a press conference yesterday its new strategy for the year 2020, announcing a focus on promoting health and medical knowledge within the community, supporting its needs and engaging directly with patients through three main pillars which are 'Taiba Cares,' 'Taiba Connects' and 'Taiba Educates.' The announcement was made by Taiba Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lama Sanad Al-Fadala, who was joined by Consultant of Internal Medicine and Diabetes Dr Nabeela Abdella, and Specialist of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr Fatemah Alhadhoud. Both Dr Abdella and Dr Alhadhoud recently joined Taiba Hospital's expanding team of medical caregivers.

"Our new strategy at Taiba Hospital complements our continued investments in providing the highest standards of medical care in Kuwait," Fadala said. "Taiba Hospital has a track record of successes having partnered with world-class medical services providers and bring home to top-class practitioners who hold certifications from leading hospitals in Europe, the United States and Canada. As we move forward today, we are committing even more to our patients and our community, promising to continue caring for them with reliable services, connecting with them and educating them about preventions and treatments."

Global Partnerships

Taiba Hospital is the only hospital in Kuwait to have signed a partnership agreement with the Belgian consultancy company, HICT, to maximize its operational excellence and provide patients with the best medical and healthcare services in Kuwait. Taiba Hospital has also signed a partnership with the French company ENGIE to take over the management of facilities and supporting services, employing the latest technologies used to monitor and manage buildings and to provide high-quality security services. "Our partnerships with HICT and ENGIE come as part of our commitment to making healthcare better for Kuwaiti citizens and residents," Fadala said. "Our commitment ensure safety, quality and advanced medical care in our premises, and every day."

Expanding team

"Taiba Hospital prides itself with its team of medical caregivers which comprises today over 80 doctors specialized in 20 fields as it continues to expand its medical services," Fadala continued. "Thirty nine of these doctors are leading Kuwaiti doctors, and a number of them have joined Taiba Hospital to open two new departments for Cardiology and Pain Management. Our Cardiology Department brings world-class consultants who care for heart conditions and are equipped to perform cardiac catheterization and stent placements. As for the Pain Management Department, our consultants focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain through interventional therapies. With these two departments, our Hospital continues to grow to cover majority of the requirements of our patients."

World-class medical care

Taiba Hospital has 20 departments overall. Eight of them operate around the clock to ensure patients are cared for at any time, especially in cases of medical emergencies. These departments include Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Emergency Department, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology and Medical Imaging, General Surgery and Gastroenterology. With over 19 beds, the Hospital's Emergency Department (ED) is fully equipped and responds to emergencies and critical cases under the supervision of specialized doctors who are available as well around the clock. In the Gastroenterology Department, seven doctors, including four Kuwaiti consultants, provides specialized medical care in common and critical diseases of the digestive system and perform endoscopy procedures.

The Hospital's Radiology and Medical Imaging Department is equipped with the latest radiology and sonar devices, CT scanner and two MRI devices, ensuring patients receive accurate diagnostic and interventional services. Taiba Hospital is also home to 13 surgeons, including five Kuwaiti surgeons, who perform general surgeries, endoscopies and surgeries for patients of obesity. As for the Orthopedic Department, patients have access to 12 doctors, six of which are Kuwaiti consultants, and who are all highly qualified to perform operations, such as knee and pelvic joint replacements, and microscopic spine, sports injuries and shoulder surgeries. The department is supported by a fully-integrated physiotherapy center.

Taiba Hospital has one of the leading Internal Medicine Departments in which provides care, treatments and surgeries for neuro-relates conditions, hematology, oncology, chest and kidney diseases. Fadala concluded by saying: "At Taiba Hospital, we are committed to caring for our patients with highest standards of care. We are doing so by ensuring we provide training and continued growth to our Hospital's caregivers. And today, we are expanding our commitment to quality care by connecting with our patients, understanding their needs, providing accurate information, and showing them that they always have a place to care for their health, and that is Taiba Hospital."