Agreement to digitize hospital's information system

KUWAIT: Taiba Hospital signed a collaboration agreement with hict, a Belgian consultancy company, at the Belgian Embassy in Kuwait. CEOs Lama Al-Fadala and Jan Demey signed the agreement in the presence of the Belgian Ambassador Piet Heirbaut.

"This signing ceremony of two companies from Belgium and Kuwait reflects our aspirations to improve the quality of healthcare in Kuwait," Herbaut said in remarks before the signing. Hict, the leading healthcare consultancy company from Belgium and active around the world, is gradually increasing its presence in the region. Recently, the company also signed a similar agreement in Saudi Arabia.

KUWAIT: Taiba Hospital CEO Lama Al-Fadala (right) and Hict CEO Jan Demey shake hands after signing the agreement. —Photos by Joseph Shagra

"Hict signed an agreement with Taiba Hospiotal in Kuwait, a reliable and leading private hospital in Kuwait with more than 120 beds. The two collaborated in the digitalization of the hospitals' information system. I am proud to witness the signing ceremony. I am sure this will not be the last contact between the companies from Belgium and Kuwait. The health sector in Belgium has a long history of excellence. One of the oldest hospitals in Belgium, the Saint John Hospital and you can visit that now as a tourist attraction," he opined. "The embassy of Belgium will continue to facilitate and contact with the Kuwaiti companies and Belgium companies. We will strive for more cooperation for the benefit of all," he added.

The emergence of this collaboration came after a series of studies and visits conducted by both parties in order to better visualize Taiba Hospital's future plans. "We are delighted to partner with hict…[to] determine the best way to maximize operational excellence through their performance measurement and comprehensive strategic assessment system for the hospital," said Al-Fadala.

Hict, which operates in Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, is specialized in optimizing healthcare services in the field through the diligent monitoring of efficiency and regulatory processes and providing solutions for them. In turn, Demey stated, "Our two companies have the same DNA structure and we feel the same heartbeat when it comes to making healthcare better for our citizens and for our customers."

The outcome of this project is the assurance to all patients that they will always be provided with the best medical and healthcare services.

By Ben Garcia