syrian-in-kuwaitKUWAIT: Detectives busted a Syrian network for forging seals of vehicle technical inspection departments including the employment numbers of workers in the department. The network was run by a Syrian abroad, and after being contacted by phone, he instructed people who wanted transactions to be processed on where to go. Members of the network confessed and their cases are being processed.

Bogus domestic help office

Residency affairs detectives arrested a gang of nine Ethiopians for running a bogus domestic help office and trading in absconding helpers. The gang used to make an agreement with a maid to escape from the sponsor's house and return to them. Authorities urged citizens and expats to only deal with licensed offices to avoid swindlers and infectious diseases.

Coastguard patrols rescued 2

Coastguard patrols rescued two citizens after receiving a call about a boat that had flipped over in Al-Mafattah bay in Khairan. The two were in good condition, and their boat was tugged to Khairan coastal center. The coastguard urged citizens and expats to inform them about their times of sailing out and return, while complying with the safety rules.

Airport officials nab 56

Airport security said the passport department, using the fingerprint system, arrested 56 persons, cancelled their residencies and deported them. The department also sent 31 persons to the central department for entry and exit procedures, 109 were sent to residency affairs detectives as they had security restrictions, while 36 forgers were arrested in the month of September.

Firemen rescue Asian

Firemen rushed to an accident site and freed an Asian from one of the vehicles involved in the accident. He had minor leg injuries and was handed over to medical emergency personnel.

Cat freed

Firemen freed a cat trapped in an electricity box in Jahra unharmed.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun