KUWAIT: The procedural delay in issuing work permits for Egyptian workers in Kuwait would continue for the next two months, according to sources. The Kuwaiti side is studying new procedures related to bringing in Egyptian workers, which include conditions and regulations for recruitment agencies. The Kuwaiti and Egyptian authorities are working towards ensuring that the implementation of the conditions are strictly followed in order to prevent any possible visa (iqama) trafficking, as well as to avoid any deviation from regulations in force in the country, the sources added.

"Minimum wage is in force in Kuwait as salaries are indicated on every work permit. Moreover, the Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) lifted the ceiling on the annual increase in salaries, and made it open to the decision of employer and workers. Some embassies impose certain conditions that go against the decisions of the Kuwait government and as such they have been strictly prohibited," the sources told Kuwait Times.

"Bringing in Egyptian labor is open, but it will be strictly regulated and will be limited to technical labor and to bring down marginal labor which constitutes a major problem in Kuwait," the sources explained, indicating the problem caused by marginal workers in Kuwait.

"The new measures for Egyptian workers could be implemented next month, including the employer's commitment to housing their workers, treating them humanely, and paying special fees to the state for each worker," the sources revealed pointing out that these measures will include all expatriate workers in implementation of the Audit Bureau's conditions and recommendations.