KUWAIT: This October 8, 2021 file photo shows flamingos resting at a beach in Kuwait. Kuwait's beaches offer a great habitat for migratory birds to make their stops during their long annual migration routes. - Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: The State of Kuwait is pressing ahead to execute the seven pillars of its New Kuwait Vision 2035 with the objective of transforming the north Arab Gulf state into a financial, commercial and cultural hub. One of the major projects in the vision was the development of the Sulaibikhat Bay and Jahra Sea Front, or Jahra Corniche, all within the 6th pillar of 'Sustainable Diversified Economy' with a total cost of KD 2 billion ($6.5 billion). The government plans to offer these projects to the private sector and market them internationally with the aim of adding a new tourist destination through development of Kuwait Bay and providing a sea front which consists of entertainment and commercial facilities.

A full-fledged plan will be put in place to develop the 38-kilometer-long Sulaibikhat Bay, stretching from the Free Trade Zone in Shuwaikh to Umm Al-Namel Island west of Kuwait City, and rehabilitate the marine environment. The KD 1.5 billion ($4.9 billion) project is expected to improve the environment, offer recreational activities, provide 6,000 housing units, create up to 64,000 jobs and up to 5,400 rooms in resorts and hotels.

The 7.3-kilometer-long Jahra Corniche, meanwhile, will be connecting Jaber Al-Ahmad Area with Kuwait Bay. The KD 500 million ($1.6 billion) project will be located between West of Doha Station to borders of Jahra Natural Reserve, and aimed at creating a balance between environment on one side and establishing touristic and commercial facilities on the other. The infrastructure of the Jahra Corniche will cost KD 135 million ($447 million), and the area would include a sport academy, shops, restaurants, fishermen village, playgrounds for children and a designated path for cyclists, in addition to creating 11,519 job opportunities. The Corniche will include a mall and a traditional museum.

Humoud Al-Enezi, Municipal Council member, said the Council was executing the government's development plans in general and the two aforementioned projects in specific. Enezi said Kuwait Municipality already signed consultation contracts of the two projects, and did preliminary environmental and feasibility studies to pave way for the outlines.

Elaborating on the two projects, Al-Enezi said the Sulaibikhat Bay would encourage healthy lifestyle, while the Jahra Corniche would consist of a special hotel for athletes, an academy, a spa resort, a bird observatory and an aquarium. "These projects are part of opening the economy and to have a maximum benefit from distinguished locations in the country through partnership with the private sector, create new jobs, boosting income and supporting national economy," he said. - KUNA